Online casino history

Online casino history

From past few years it is seen that the craze for online games is growing rapidly. Many people are very interested in playing these games to get money and some play to relax their mind. But there is a history behind casino games. Back then if you wanted to play such games you had to travel to big finest cities or to local casino halls. With the use of technology many people are now playing these games from their place at their comfort level from home itself. Internet and micro gaming are combined and has given us a new version named online casinos or online gambling.

The beginning

The first online casino was opened on 18th august 1985 which operated 18 different kinds of casino games and also offered online access to national Indian lottery for the first time. But since then these casinos operates out of Caicos Islands and Turks outside US to avoid all the government prosecution. In the middle 90s two more online casinos made their entry claiming that they were the first one; the intertops casino, gaming club and sports book launched their first online book for sports before the Internet Casinos Inc. Making a good service with proper payout, efficient customer support, high security and serving a huge number of consumers excited with the new modality of gambling, online casino succeeded greatly.

There was a lot of opposition even before the launch of the first online casino. Anti gambling groups and lawmakers stood up to against the upcoming online casinos. However when the high commission of Barbuda and Antigua in West Indies passed this act and made a great story in online casino history. Since United States and many other countries denied to give away the license, this is also a very big part in online casino history.

Online casinos history pioneers

Luckily after that a few other jurisdictions started issuing license all around the world including UK, Canada and more. However US still refuses to issue the license. The first casino met with too much skepticism as sharing information like names, addresses and credit card details over the internet still had a lot of suspicion. These online casinos were taken as shady or run by mob. Microgaming and Enter CryptoLogic were two history pioneers in online casino. CryptoLogic made a lot of efforts to give encryption technology to online casinos which means that sensitive things like credit card details now had no threat from the hackers. Microgaming then was the best software providers which made realistic sound and crisp graphics when these things were hard to come online. DSL lines and cable modems made it more convenient and faster to download the software with almost no lagging and connection issues.

Today the online casino has become a game that offers five digits payouts, free trips to Atlantis and progressives, Paradise Island in Bahamas was the first casino that recognized the value of players introducing VIP program. According to a popular magazine on gambling currently there are about 452 gambling sites on internet with thousands of affiliates, subsidiaries, co branded sites and franchises, and now the overall online casino market is estimated to be around 49$ billion worldwide.


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